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For aerial mapping, drones are perfect. Repeatable, accurate flight makes a drone the ideal flight platform for near-ground mapping. The combination of today's high resolution cameras and inexpensive flying devices enables mapping at levels of detail never before imagined. Google Maps is great and all, but the images tend to be at least a couple of years old and lack the resolution for doing real work.  Make your own maps and get a new perspective on things with accurate, high resolution imagery you control.

MAVS can deliver georeferenced maps aligning your images to known Ground Control Points (GCP) using a Trimble surveying device. Our maps will show you the area as it exists today, not an outdated, poor resolution map from an internet mapping site. The map files as delivered by MAVS are DXF (AutoCad), Ortho jpg, Ortho tiff; or you can refer to the online version with measuring tools.

Geo referenced images are commonly used in the creation of a Geographic Information System (GIS) images for agriculture, construction, municipal planning, etc. Software can display the orthophoto and allows an operator to digitize or place line work, text annotations or geographic symbols (such as hospitals, schools, and fire stations). Some software can process the photo and produce the linework automatically. 

Click on the image of a college campus below. A geomap will open showing resolution to a scale of 1"=1pixel. Rotating the mouse wheel will allow you to move the scale of the map up or down.  Users can spot building roof spots where water gathers after rain, when it is time to repaint parking stalls and road markings, and when to seed grassy areas. Maintenance departments can use a MAVS map as a valuable planning tool, when the facilities are re-mapped regularly.

To compare the quality of a MAVS geomap to A Google Earth map click on the icon on the top right (the one that looks like 3 pages stacked on top of each other). If you select/unselect each layer by clicking on the square on the left side, you'll see the MAVS layers disappear leaving the GE map. What a difference! The options on the top left corner allow for linear and area measurements in real time. Go ahead and try them.

The cost of geomapping is based on the size of the area and the number of flights and map processing time. Please contact us for estimates.

Thank you.  We will contact you shortly!
The small sample map shows a Goggle Earth (tm) search result on August 2015.
This map shows the same area with a georeferenced map showing details added to the same area above taken during a flight by a MAVS  UAV in August 2015, the day after the above search. Ooops, someone built a house since the last GE shot was taken.MAVS geomapping flights will prevent expensive planning mistakes when relying on outdated information.
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